Situated in Midstream Estate Centurion Gauteng - Students 13 and older

Yolande Strauss Vocal Coaching

PRICING - R2200 per month (over 3 months) or R6000 once off for per term.

*Please note that I only take 4 students per term- other students interested will be put on a waiting list for when new sessions become available. These packages can be used as a once-off or it can be repeated for as long as you feel you are having fun and learning new things

Each term has 8 x 1 hour sessions that include:

5 x Vocal Sessions

  • Microphone Technique
  • Stage Confidence
  • Proper Warm-Up Techniques and breathing
  • Phrasing/ style and choosing the correct music for your voice

1 x Recording Session

  • Recording of one (take-home) song per term
  • Recording techniques
  • Set-up of your own home-recording
  • General tips for recording

1 x Songwriting Session

  • General Songwriting advise
  • Help with hooks and melody to suit your voice/ style
  • Help to put lyrics to melody
  • Song form guidance

1 x Video Shoot Session

  • Shooting of a 3 angle in-house YouTube Video
  • See videos below (please note that these are not vocal student music videos but just a showcase of the quality of videos that can be expected)

You will also get 2 x *backtracks for existing cover songs per term, all lyrics printed for your chosen songs, your recording in mp3 format and your YouTube video, loaded onto YouTube and ready to share.

* I buy these tracks from a 3rd party- their list is very comprehensive but it might be that specific unknown songs are not yet available - so subject to availability - (piano tracks will be given as substitute should specific backtracks not be available)


*3 Angle in-house video included in Vocal Coaching Package

3 Angle in-house Video

Price: R5000
(Given on a disc in mp4 format ready to load on YouTube)

Location Shoot - Outdoor

Price: POR
Price depends on requirements (location, props, make-up etc.)

Location Shoot - Studio

Price: POR
Price depends on requirements (location, venue hire, props, make-up etc.)

I really enjoy sharing the skills I have learned over the years as a musician, singer and performer and I mostly do it for the satisfaction I get when I see students reaching goals they never thought they would get to. Therefor no one is ever excluded from my studio. I do however prefer students who have an absolute passion for singing and are willing to work outside their comfort zone to become the best version of themselves. So if you are not in it for the absolute joy music brings you, I might not be the perfect fit for you...Looking forward to share your music journey with you! x